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The following are newspaper clippings, pamphlets, etc. that have found their way into our local history vertical file.  Please contact us for more details.

Anderson, Anna. 1866-1955

Anderson, Mavrice. 1870-1942

Arndt, Frank F. 1868-1938

Barker, Estelle B. 1867-1929

Barker, Miles Standish. 1857-1941

Barker, Mrs. George. 1835-1919

Bartels, Arthur. 1891-1918

Bassett, William, Clerk of Circuit Court, 1871-

Brush Run History Forest Republican, 10 Sept. 1970- article covering the 1st annual Brush Run 101.

Carter, Frank L. 1872-1902

Champine, Marilyn Davis, contributor 1. Davis Family Tree 2. Fraley Family Tree 3. Gillum Family Tree 4. Kentucky-Genealogy

Chippewa Indians-History

Civil War Vets of Forest County compiled by R.T. Krueger, 2001

Civilian Conservation Corps 1935

Connor Family History see Forest County-1920s.

Conway, Mrs. S.J. – Father, 1932

County officers in Wisconsin- 2001-2002

County officers in Wisconsin- 2005-2006

Crandon Elementary School News letter, 1987-1988 “Good News Report,” from Deward Ison, principal

Crandon high school class of 1935

Crandon History-1909-2009 “The Metonga Journal.” Pioneer Express Centenial Supplement. 8 pages

Crandon (Wisconsin) City Officials, 1909-2008.

Crandon: Queen of The Northern Woods.

Crandon water works History-1935

Crandon, Wisconsin-History “Historical Review of Lake Metonga,” by Lake Mentonga Association, 2002.

Davis Family Tree

“The Day They Gave Babies Away.” By Dale Eunson, 1947

Distillery history 1935-1955

Duff, Bone, 1925

Election results 1954

Emde Family in WISCONSIN PRAIRE magazine. VI 2002, page 9. 2 copies

Feight, Lynnand Loretta. from Forest Republican, Aug. 1984 “Feight Farm Near Crandon Joins Nature and Nastalgia.”

Fialey, Mrs. Henderson









Forest County Centennial 1885-1985 Forest Republican, 11 July 1885

Forest County Court House History, 1909-2009

Forest County History-1920s from WISCONSIN Magazine of History. VOL 79, NO.1 Autumn 1995

Forest County Hotels and Resorts, 1947

Forest County Place Names “Here’s How Argonne Got Its Name,” from Rhinelander Daily News, 1932

Forest County Place Names. “A History of the Origin of Place Names.” Chicago, 1908

Forests County Veterans, 1941-1945 “Logging off the third Reich.” Richard “Boyd” Monte’s experience in Germany, Written by his son Michael Monte.

Forest County, WISCONSIN booklet published by authority of The Forest County Board of Supervisors. 1924.

Fraley Family Tree

Frendenberger, H.W.-

Gambill, W.B. (Black)

GAMBILL, W.B., distiller

Gerald, Patsy, contributor My Family History in Crandon.

Gillum Family Tree

Hobbs, Gordon. (mother)

Hoffman, Doris Marie (Bernarde) 1919-2006

Hooper, F.A., attorney, 1932

Jackson, Vanda Schumacher, 1900-1998

Jacobson, Soren, 1831-1916

Kapke, Marie van Norman Hobbs, 1891-1935

Keeler’s Resort, Lake Metonga.

Keith, Harry P., 1882-

Keith, Marshall D., 1856-

Kelty Family Photograph Potawatomi Traveling Times, 2011

Kempf Planing Mill Explosion-Crandon, WI-1908 from National Board Balletine “Nothing Says “Hello” like Disaster on a Postcard.” 2004

Kentucky, Breathitt County. “A Dream Come True: A History of Rehoboth Mountain Mission, Portsmouth, Kentucky.

Kentucky-Genealogy see Davis, Marilyn Davis, contributor

Kentucky-Genealogy see Gerald, Patsy, contributor “My Family History in Crandon.”

Kentucky Heritage in WISCONSIN, 1922-MOONSHINE from the Capital Times

Kentucky Heritage in Wisconsin, 1922-MOONSHINE from Capital Times, Madison, WI

Kentucky Heritage in WISCONSIN, 1922- MOONSHINE from Ironwood Daily Globe

Kentucky Heritage in WISCONSIN, 1922- MOONSHINE from La Crosse Tribune

Kentucky Heritage in WISCONSIN, 1971 from Appleton Post Crescent

Kentucky Heritage in WISCONSIN Mullins Family Photo reprint from “The Kentucky Explorer,” May 2003

Kott, Hellen Anderson, 1903-1958 Forest Republican Orbit

LAKE LUCERNE- Forest Co. History The Account of Florence Kuhn Galassini, who spent her summers there from 1921 to 1959.


MASONIC ORDER “100th Anniversary of Crandon Lodge No. 287, F. & A.M. Aug. 14, 2004.” Booklet publication

Mateyo, Peter

McCoy, Thresa Pavline Radermacher, 1925-2011 obituary

McMillian, Arthur

Military Roads Wisconsin “Military Road papers, 1863-1939.”

Military Roads WISCONSIN from “Virgin Lake Camp History: Three Lakes, Wisconsin.”

MINING CONTROVERSY Booklet: “Crandon: The Quest & The Question.” Exxon Corp. 1974- 78



MOLE LAKE BICENTENNIAL Project from Forest Republican, 22 Jan. , 1976

Monte, Richard “Boyd.” “Logging off The Third Reich.” Monte’s experience in Germany during W W II, written by his son, Michael Monte.

Moonshine- History

MOONSHINE- History, 1922 from the Capital Times

Moonshine- History, 1922 From Capital Times (Madison, WI)

Moonshine-History, 1922 From Ironwood (MI) Daily Globe

Moonshine-History, 1922 from La Crosse Tribune

MOONSHINE-History, 1925

MOONSHINE-HISTORY, 1926 from Appleton Post Crescent

MOONSHINE-History, 1932 from Rhinelander Daily News

Mundt, Henry.

Nashville Community Church from Forest Republican 23 MAY 1968

Netzel, Julius.  1852-1937

Page & Landeck Lumber Company.  1902.

Page Mercantile Company.

Per-Ola Land Company.

Pine Lake History.

Polar, Hiram.  1810-1908.

Purdy, Oliver Barker.  1876-1977

Raasch, Cecilia.  1910-2001

Range Line Forest Club, Crandon, Wisconsin.

Range Line School.  A history written by Elizabeth Conley, a former Range Line teacher.

Range Line School. History.  (see Crandon elementary newsletter, 1987-1988).

Ross, Matthew M. 1867-

St. Joseph’s Catholic Church.  Crandon, Wisconsin.

St. Luke’s United Methodist Church. Crandon, Wisconsin.

Schroeder, Lillian.  1912-1989.

Schultz, Clyde.

Sears, Joseph Jr.  1963-2007.

Shaw, Louise.  (Mrs. Samuel Shaw).

Shaw, Samuel.

Shaw, Samuel.  Supreme Court of Wisconsin.  “Shaw v. Crandon Printing Co.” May-Oct 1913.

Shaw, Samuel.  “Shaw residence was landmark here”.  1975.

Shay, Mrs. Patrick.

Shay, Patrick. (Patsy).  1848-1932.

Sipple, Clarence H. 1913-1984.  See also Siding One School.  Crandon, Wisconsin.

Spencer, Strauther C.  1896-1985.

Stark, John and Vernon.  See Moonshine History, 1926.  Appleton Post Crescent.

Stone Lake.  See Per-Ola Land Company.


See Sipple, Clarence.

Thompson, Melita Anistana Langemack, 1878-1970.

Thompson, Peter John.  1876-1969.

Totten, Mrs. Harve. -1918.

Uihlein, Ida Charlotte.

VanZile, William.  1861-1937.

Walker, Nga.  “A Missionary’s Journey to Vietnam”.

Walrath, Estelle Barker.  1867-1929.

Walrath, Mrs. Dan.  1887-1932.

White, Montieville C.  1871-1926.

Wolf river.  From CNRA: the First 50 Years.  “Mining Threatens the Wolf River”

Woodbury, Edson O.  1855-

Wyman, Egbert. 1852-








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