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Aug 12

1938 Crandon High School Yearbook

“The Cardinal endeavors not only to record a year in our School’s history, but to serve as a stimulus for recollecting our thoughts in future years.  This book is merely a printed symbol; the memories which it represents are within us.”–1938 Yearbook

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Jul 27

CHS Yearbook 1946

1946 Annual Staff

The 1946 Crandon Yearbook edited by Harriet Plummer was dedicated to Mr. Henry Geske, the school custodian. The dedication page reads “Mr. Henry Geske, who has shown a friendly co-operation in all phases of school life, and who has manifested a human interest in each individual student, we the class of nineteen hundred and forty six do appreciatively dedicate this annual”.

The yearbook is also available as a download. (pdf file).

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Jul 26

CHS Yearbook 1945

“It is yours because it records your history.”– 1945 yearbook staff.

The 1945 edition of the Cardinal is dedicated to Mr. Robert Netzel, whose inscription in the annual reads He’s a quiet man, but quite a man. The editor-in-chief was Jane Hoffman with help from her assistant editor Dorothy Bazille.  The editorial staff also listed the Crandon High School Honor Roll. This honor roll was not based on academic success, instead it was a listing of the young men from the area who had left the small town of Crandon to serve their country during WWII.   The class officers write “We were sorry to see them go, but we are very proud of them”

The yearbook is also available to download: 1945 CHS Yearbook (pdf).

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