Newspaper News

Attention all avid newspaper readers,

We are sad to report that the Crandon Public Library is no longer able to get the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel or the Wall Street Journal. The publishers have halted deliveries in towns north of Lakewood, Wisconsin as of May 20th, 2018.

We have a solution! We were able to substitute the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel with the Wisconsin State Journal. This way,  our patrons will still have free, daily, access to Wisconsin’s latest news! We are still looking into substitutions for the Wall Street Journal. Check back with us soon!

Crandon Public Library

Christmas vacation sometimes get a little long. What a perfect time for kids to come into the library and check out our new books! #bookoftheday
Just Dance by Patricia MacLachlan
Publisher Summary-On a farm in the middle of the prairie, ten-year-old Sylvie struggles to understand why her mother gave up singing on stage while she sets off on an adventure of her own as the town reporter.

Crandon Public Library

We hope you had a Wonderful Christmas! Today’s book gives you some ideas on how to become happier, healthier, more productive and creative in the new year!#bookoftheday

The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin

Publisher Summary-Identifies four key personality types that shape every aspect of behavior, explaining how to gain better understanding about each personality’s strengths and vulnerabilities for better decision-making, reduced stress, and more effective communication.