Learning Express Resources

Click a photo below to access one of LearningExpress Library’s collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials. For kids, teens, and adults.

Adult Learning Center

A collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials for adult learners.

Career Center

Collection of web-based occupational exam practice tests and workplace skill-building resources for adult learners.

College Center

A collection of web-based test preparation tools and skill-building materials for reviewing key college skills.  For college-level and adult learners.

College Preparation Center

Collection of web-based college entrance exams, preparation, and skill building for writing a college admissions essay.  For adult learners.

High School Equivalency Center

Collection of web-based High School Equivalency exam preparation and skill-building materials for adult learners.

School Center

A collection of web-based skill-building materials for K-12 students.

Spanish Language Center (Recursos para Hispanohablantes)

Collection of web-based skill building and test preparation materials in Spanish. Para los estudiantes adultos -For adult learners”

Using LearningExpress Library
Sign in to LearningExpress Library as a new or returning user (if using from outside the library, you will need to enter your library card number to access the database).

If using the service for the first time, you must register in order to use this database. On the welcome screen, click on Register to choose a username and password. Once you’ve registered, you can add practice tests, courses, or ebooks to My Center and begin using them.

How do I find the test I'm looking for?
Once you’ve logged in, choose one of the Learning Centers from the menu bar on the left. This will take you to a screen with all the tests and categories in that Learning Center. Click on Add to My Center and then Start This Test Now. Once you’ve placed a test or course in My Center you can access it there for 30 days.
Learning Express Training Video
This video shows you how to take advantage of everything this site has to offer. You’ll learn how to create a new account and login, move around quickly, search for and use our resources, use your personal portfolio page, and get help.

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