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Jan 29

Local History Research offers insight into Community Group

This week local history librarian Amanda Flannery cataloged a 1947 photo of the Range Line Forest Club which prompted some additional research about this organization’s purpose and origin.


1947 Range Line Forest Club members include: Mrs. Metcalf, Mrs. Steffens, Grace Haney, Ruth Metcalf, Nina Statezny, Marie Simandal, Amy Grandine, Clara Ritter, Lela Gretzinger, Elise Gretzinger, Mrs. Ernest, Mrs. Queen, Mrs. Feight, Mrs. Marvin, Florence Ottinger, and Vera Statezny.

According to Amanda, the club’s beginning can be traced to January 6, 1925 when Mrs. James Feight was thrown a surprise birthday party. Many of the ladies in attendance enjoyed the group dynamics and comm-ented on the need for a club so they could gather together on a regular basis. The group decided to meet a few weeks later in the home of Mrs. Silas Smith and the organization continued to exist until at least 1979. The purpose of the group was “to promote friendliness and neighborliness and to help anyone in need” (Forest Republican 1979).

The club was responsible for purchasing war bonds during WWII, raising money for the Crandon Medical Center, sponsoring a child in the Philippines, and much more. The ladies were in charge of the Town of Lincoln booth at the Forest County Fair every year, where they won several ribbons for their impressive vegetables. A member of the club, Mrs. Paul Statezny, was asked how the club endured for so long and she replied “We have never let politics or religion become an issue. And we don’t allow gossip discussed in our club” (Forest Republican 1979).

If anyone knows when the club’s final year of existence was or has more photos and documents from the group please stop by the library and share your information.

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Sep 19

Toddlers and Preschoolers encouraged to make noise at the library!

Music Garden PosterThere is no doubt that toddlers and preschoolers love to make noise!  Whether it’s stomping their feet, clapping their hands, or screaming for mom, they know how to use their voice to get our attention.  The Crandon Public Library is excited to be expanding on this concept beginning on Monday, October 7th at 9:00 a.m. when we begin offering weekly Music Garden programs in our lower level.  Music Garden is a very special music and movement program created to stimulate a child’s development.  Music Garden will be led each week by Miss Tondra from the Family Resource connection and is open to all children in the Forest county area.  The weekly program will begin in October and run through May of 2014.  There is no requirement to attend each week and the program is entirely free for participants.  For more information please contact Michelle @ the library or the Family Resource Connection toll free at (888) 266-0028.  Music Garden is sponsored by the Crandon Public Library Foundation, the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Northwoods United Way and the Family Resource Connection.

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Jun 29

Local History Online

record-imageLocal history researchers, as well as family history buffs, will be excited to read about a new collection of online images being offered through the library’s website.  Forest County’s naturalization records are now available for viewing and download.  These images are a fascinating peek into the early lives of our immigrant ancestors including some of the earliest logging camp residents who made their way to the Northwoods and applied for citizenship at Forest County’s courthouse.  The images are courtesy of the website but can be found online in our local history collection located at

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