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Today’s book features Pulitzer Prize winner Ron Chernow with a sweeping and dramatic portrait of one of our most compelling generals and presidents, Ulysses S. Grant.#bookoftheday

Grant by Ron Chernow

Publisher Summary-Presents a portrait of the Civil War general and eighteenth president, challenging the views of his critics while sharing insights into his prowess as a military leader, the honor with which he conducted his administration, and the rise and fall of his fortunes.

Crandon Public Library

Today’s book is one to help parents navigate through those sometimes “not so wonderful” teenage years.

Crazy-Stressed by Dr. Michael J. Bradely

Publisher Summary-A look at teenage psychology examines what drives adolescent anger, depression, and negative behaviors and offers tips for helping teens regain their footing, overcome obstacles, and successfully cope with challenges.

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Our book of the day is an antiques and collectibles price guide. It is one of the most trusted guides for both the casual and the expert collector.#bookoftheday

Kovels Antique and Collectibles Price Guide 2018 by Terry Kovel and Kim Kovel

Publisher Summary -The latest edition of the best-selling reference book features accurate prices for 25,000 antiques and collectibles; factory marks and logos; helpful advice on buying, selling and preserving antiques; more than 2,500 full-color photographs; and helpful indexes and cross-references.