William Vanzile

Good evening everyone. My name is William Henry Vanzile. I was born in 1861 in Green Point, New York to Abraham Vanzile, a foreman at the New York Navy yard, and Harriet Vanzile, who died shortly after I was born. In 1871 my father moved the family to a farm near Packwaukee, Wisconsin. After the Chicago fire my father undertook several building contracts but he died of pneumonia before he could complete them. I was left to fend for myself in this world. At the age of 11 I became a harness maker and worked in this profession for several years in Stevens Point. My brothers, Abraham, Charles, and I, came to this area in 1879. I built the first frame building and hotel in Crandon. Here I held the occupation of timber cruiser and held many public positions including: duty sheriff, coroner, and town assessor. In 1884 I married Fanny Stickney in Antigo and we had four sons and four daughters. My daughter Nellie, is one of the first graves to be placed in the Lakeside Cemetery.  In 1897 I was appointed to the position of post master which I held the office for 21 years. At the time of my death I was the city treasurer. I died in my home of a heart attack in 1937.

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