Jessie Smith

Hello my name is Jessie Smith. I was born in 1893 in Green Bay, Wisconsin before my parents, Silas and Jemima Smith moved to Crandon to become farmers. As you can see (motion to headstones) my two brothers, Hugh and Perry and I all died on the same day. On June 14, 1914, on a Sunday afternoon my two brothers, two sisters, Louis Grandine, and I all went swimming in Mud Lake, located a mile north of Crandon. We were on the south shore in a boat. We got out to swim in a spot that was usually only up to our waists but I stepped in a spring hole that was very deep and could not escape from it. Everyone went in after to save me but no one could swim. Louis Grandine, was the one that pulled all of us from the water, he even went under twice himself. First Louis tried to pull us out by swimming but that wasn’t working so he went and retrieved the boat and saved Amy and Lois. He grabbed me as well and I was revived but I dove in again to save my brothers and I did not make it out a second time. Before the doctors reached the scene Hugh, Perry, and I were already dead, although they did all they could to resuscitate us. When we were buried right here, the largest assemblage of people ever to be seen at a funeral gathered to wish us farewell. Instead of a hearse our coffins were carried on a float of flowers and columns of floral offerings were contributed by friends. The community very much gathered around my grief stricken family to comfort them