James Louise Haile

Good evening everyone. My name is James Louis Haile. I was born on December 31 1857 in Gouvenur, New York. I received my early education in the public schools of the State and at Gouvenur Westley Seminary. In 1881 I traveled to Wisconsin where I first settled in Two Rivers for a short time. I then moved to Wausau where I worked for the Curtis Yale Manufacturing Company until 1897 when I moved to New London to head up the electric lighting company. In 1900 I arrived in Crandon by the stage coach from Pelican Lake. While settled here I involved with a wide range of activities. I was one of the founders of the Page and Landeck Lumber Company, later known as the Keith and Hiles Lumber Company, the largest corporation in the area. I was one of the organizers of the first bank in Crandon, known as the Crandon State Bank, and I served as cashier and director for many years. I was a founder and manager of the Page Mertantile Company, an all purpose general store. I was one of the organizers and served as chairman of the Forest County Chapter of the Red Cross, which was one of my greatest passions. I was an active member of the Presbyterian Church, Crandon Lodge, Crandon Chapter of the R.A.M., St Omar Commandery of Wausau, Wisconsin Consistory of Milwaukee and Tripoli Temple of the Shrine in Milwaukee. I lived in a spacious dwelling on the shores of Surprise Lake with my two sisters, Edith and Lucy, who where two great women in their own right. They were both nurses. Edith traveled throughout Europe and has even been rumored to have been present at the Lincoln-Douglas debates. I died in March of 1933 after ninety days of confinement after a heart attack which was supposedly brought on by the stress of my welfare work. I was described in the paper as “giving freely of my substance and energy in every worthy cause, seeking always in every honorable way to develop Crandon into a cleaner, better place in which to live”.