Egbert Wyman

Hello! My name is Egbert Wyman and I was born on a farm near Baraboo in 1852. My father, Ezra came to Wisconsin in 1847 from New York. I returned to New York with my parents in 1857 but I returned to Vernon County Wisconsin in 1862 where I held many public offices including: county surveyor, justice of the city, clerk of the committee on engrossed bills, and engrossing clerk of the assembly. I studied law in Viroqua and was admitted to practice as an attorney in 1884. In 1885 I was appointed by Governor Rusk, an old law school classmate, as the first district attorney of Forest County and I was twice elected for the position afterwards. I served as the municipal judge from 1901-1907. I made the first abstract of title of Forest County as well as creating the transcripts of Oconto and Langlade County that affected the Territory of Forest County. I surveyed the original plat map of Crandon before there was one building built upon the land. I married Miss Jennie Whitley from Union Grove, Wisconsin in 1892 and we had three sons together. I resigned as judge of the first municipal court of Forest County in 1924 after serving four years and seven months because of my failing health. In the book the History of Wisconsin I was described as “the highest type of character displayed by the judicial mind. I would carefully weigh evidence and dispense justice evenly. I was the best evidence of true worth and integrity”. That is very high praise!

Over the years I was an active member in the local Masonic Lodge as a thirty second degree mason and shriner. I was also a member of the Modern Woodman and Mystic Workers so I was very into my fair share of secret societies. I died on January 8, 1925 of internal cancer and was buried here.