Edson O. Woodbury

Hello everyone! My name is Edson Woodbury and I was born in Cattaraugus County, New York in 1855 to David and Frances Woodbury. My family moved west to Wisconsin when I was only two years old and settled in Shawano County. This is where I received my primary education at small country schools. When I was eight we moved to Omro where my parents farmed the land until their retirement. Late in life they moved to Crandon where they both passed away. Raised among agricultural surroundings, I drifted towards occupations popular to young men at that time such as lumbering and river driving the timber. In 1877 I came to Crandon to develop a cranberry marsh but found that there were no roads or settlements and I had to make the journey up an old Indian trial. I was pleasantly surprised with the opportunities as well as the community so I decided to settle here. I employed as a logger and timber cruiser as well as becoming a surveyor and an expert estimator of timber. I served in numerous public offices in Forest County, although I believe I was only chosen because of the lack of population in the area. I served as an assessor, clerk, and chairman of the town board, county treasurer, and the first elected sheriff in the county. From 1897 to 1902 I was the state timber agent and had been the alderman for the fourth ward of Crandon. I had my hand in the real estate business and assisted in the development of the City of Crandon. I was married in 1891 in Sparta, Wisconsin to Miss Mabel McPherson a native of LaCrosse and we had three children. I died in 1943 of influenza. I have been described as “someone who leads a rational life, works hard, had a friendly feeling for others and possesses a broad understanding of life’s complexities, being, all in all, just such a citizen as each community should have”.

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