The Spudmobile is coming to Crandon!

It’s Race week in Crandon and you know what that means?  Potatoes!  Yep, for this year’s Brush Run parade the Crandon Public Library is excited to announce we are bringing the Spudmobile to Crandon.  As it turns out, the entity running the Spudmobile likes crowds.  And we promised them that the Crandon Brush Run parade draws a huge crowd!

But what exactly is the Spudmobile?  Well, it’s the country’s most advanced and most remarkable mobile education and entertainment center focused on potato and vegetable production. The Spudmobile features eight different exhibits that take visitors on a journey from the farmer’s field right to the dinner plate. Through interactive technologies and eye-catching graphics, Spudmobile visitors will learn how farmers are fantastic stewards of the environment and how they incorporate the latest technologies into their agricultural practices.

When visiting the Spudmobile, guests will learn about various varieties of potatoes grown in Wisconsin, how they are planted and harvested, the nutritional facts about potatoes and some statistics about America’s favorite vegetable. Kids will be completely engaged as they play games on the interactive touch table.

To date, the Wisconsin Spudmobile has traveled to more than 100 events including schools, industry-related events and community-related events which include but are not limited to fairs, dairy breakfasts, festivals, parades, and sporting events as some examples.

Watch for the Spudmobile in the parade and then stop down at the library between 1:00 and 3:00 p.m. to tour this 37.5 foot RV with eight different interior exhibits.  Tours of the Spudmobile are completely free!

For more information about the Spudmobile or its visit to Crandon, please call the Library at 715-478-3784.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

On August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will occur. On this date, the Moon’s shadow will pass across the Pacific Ocean onto the coast of Oregon, and then proceed to fall across all of North America (as Earth rotates), finally entering the Atlantic Ocean on the South Carolina border. This will be the first total solar eclipse to touch the United States since the 1990s (when one occurred on Hawaii), and the first to cover it coast-to-coast since 1918!

In Wisconsin, the total phase of this solar eclipse is not visible in Northern Wisconsin, but a partial solar eclipse can be observed as the Moon covers a large portion of the Sun.

Join us at the Crandon High School Football Field Bleachers on Monday, August 21st at 12:30 pm for a Solar Eclipse Viewing Party! The eclipse will peak at 1:13 pm.

REGISTRATION is REQUIRED AS WE HAVE A LIMITED NUMBER OF Glasses. GLASSES will be distributed at the event and everyone will be required to have glasses.

Call 478-3784 to reserve your glasses

If it is cloudy we will live stream the event in the lower level of the library