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The Crandon Public Library Local History Room is a unique and valuable resource for Forest County researchers. The Crandon Public Library and the Forest County Historical and Genealogical Society have been working together since 2013 to preserve some of Forest County's most precious historical documents and photos to guarantee these resources are protected now and into the future. These records make up a large percentage of what is now the Crandon Public Library's Local History Archives website.

This archives website allows students, researchers and community members to view our historical collections from any internet computer. Currently the site contains
over 400 fully searchable records and photos with many, many more being scanned and digitized by staff and volunteers of the Crandon Public Library.

If you are interested in helping with this project, or would like more information about the records, please contact Michelle at 715-478-3784 or

Recently Added Items

Gordon Lewis Hobbs : bio, 1912-1974

New Doc 2017-10-24.jpg

Typewritten biographical and family history of Gordon Lewis Hobbs. Includes family photos, family tree, and history of the Crandon Telephone Company.

Class in South School


Photo postcard of a group of students, and a teacher, standing against a blackboard wall in a school room. When the photo is englarged, the blackboard…

Class photo, Alice Bull, teacher


Matted photo of a group of students with teacher Alice Bull standing next to a wooden building.

Looking at the South South school from Lake Avenue


A photo of the South School taken across Lake Avenue. Snow can be seen on the ground, as well as a few other buildings. The back of the photo reads…

Miss Hilda Hillman's fourth grade class dated 1929


Class photo of Miss Hilda Hillman's fourth grade class in 1929 with names identifying each student. Back of photo, written in pencil, reads "Bobby…


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